April 11, 2015

Charlene and Albert Celebrate World Sports Day

World Sports Day For Development and Peace came and went earlier this week, but not without an appearance from Charlene and Albert! As active supporters of sports, especially when youth is involved, the Princely couple made a public appearance organized jointly by the Princess Charlene Foundation and the National Direction of Youth and Sports, the Peace and Sport Organization, and the Association of Parents of Students. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

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As you all know by now, Charlene and sports go together like chocolate and peanut butter like Charlene and swimming. She absolutely lives for sports, and her Foundation is centered around making them available for youth, with the goal of giving them a head start in life by making physical activity readily available for them.

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So, when the United Nations declared an international World Sports Day For Development and Peace, it was no surprise that Charlene stood in full support. World Sports Day and the Princess Charlene Foundation are a match made in heaven.

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Charlene and Albert met with nearly 400 students in Monaco, who all hold the values of sports very dear. The highest achievers among these athletes were given medals from the Prince and Princess – certainly a moment they will never forget! Medals were given to those who excelled in their involvement and their degree of sportsmanship.

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Of course, what is a royal engagement without MANY group photos?

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At the end, they all held up their white cards – a symbol for the Peace and Sport Organization, which is a Monaco-based initiative that supports the building of tolerance and understanding through participation in sports. Prince Albert is a patron of the organization.

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Fashion wise, though! Charlene opted for black yet again, but this time chose a less formal coat, which I can only describe as more of a windbreaker-style. Maybe it’s the drawstring collar? It’s certainly flattering on her, and as you can see, she paired the coat with black stockings and pumps. Her makeup and hair are gorgeous of course, and I am in love with the pearl stud earrings. The epitome of class, even in a gymnasium.

Char 6
She really does look very, very pretty at this appearance, but I’m going to say it: I’m done with all the black. She looks so good in black, don’t get me wrong, but I’m just SO ready for some color. Honestly, I think it’s just been a really long winter here in NY and it’s shaping to be a really wet, dreary spring, so I’m desperate for flowery shades. Pastels, jewel tones, anything other than black, I’ll take it.

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But enough of my gripes about color choices! Bottom line: great cause, great involvement, very uplifting event, and lovely to see the Princely couple supporting something so near and dear to their hearts. Definite win all around!

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