March 23, 2015

Divorce Rumors?

Oh boy, here we go again: divorce rumors. The rumor mill had another explosion this month, when Princess Charlene and the twins started staying in a French villa, as opposed to their home in the Princely Palace. Is there trouble in Monégasque-paradise? Is the princely couple headed to a divorce? No worries, my friends: I am here to answer your questions as best I know how, by unpacking and repacking the details in order to clear out some space for clarity. So, are they in marital trouble? My humble opinion: no. And yes. But mostly, no.

To set the record straight: the rumors, of course, neglected to mention that Albert is also there with Charlene and the kids at that villa, because obviously it’s not as juicy that way. The whole family moved out of the palace temporarily, because of the construction zone it has become (video can be found on the Palais Monaco Facebook Page):

The Princely Palace is undergoing major renovations, which will include the apartments in which the princely family lives. Cue your antennae to the fact that they have 3-month old twin babies in the house, and it makes sense that they’d want to high-tail it out of town. Who wants peacefully sleeping babies to be woken up by the sound of a jackhammer outside their door? It’s probably all Charlene can do not to run outside and make shushing sounds at the construction crew. Also, as Prince Albert is still keeping up his many public engagements, he’s back and forth to Monaco and of course, it looks like Charlene is alone with the twins in France. In a new house. Away from Albert.

Prince Albert gave an interview to People Magazine recently, in which he vehemently quashed these divorce rumors as being unequivocally insane. As usual, an interview with this brand of enthusiasm can never be taken at face value: people are freaking out because he was so staunch in his stance. He’s denying it too much, they say, so the rumors must be true. One must remember, though, that if he was calm and stoic in his stance, people would be saying the same thing. Too stoic – he obviously doesn’t care! Heathen! Blasphemer! *Roll eyes.*

But I don’t doubt that there is a little trouble in paradise, for two specific reasons: the twins. Charlene and Albert have infants in the house. Just one infant is crazy-making, but two? That’s pulling-out-your-hair impossible. So yes, there probably is some trouble, because they’re being driven out of their minds by sleep deprivation and diaper explosions. In Pamela Druckerman’s survival manual book about the calm serenity of French parenting, Bringing Up Bébé, she points to the statistics to prove this point: marital trouble skyrockets with the birth of a child, upping the divorce rate, and the divorce rate is much higher for parents of twins (Druckerman is specifically familiar with each scenario, being the mother of both a singleton and a set of twins). It actually makes sense: taking care of infants can make jumping off a cliff sound like a very, very reasonable idea, and snapping at one’s spouse? That’s just par for the course. I have one friend who put it very succinctly after the birth of her second child: “It’s a good thing I love my husband, because I definitely don’t like him. Not right now.” Yep, sounds about right.

So my take? They’re not en route to a divorce, no. They’re in a marriage, and they just changed up their entire dynamic by bringing babies into the equation. And they’re renovating their home at the same time! They might be stressed out, but guys, I really think their marriage is FINE. It’s normal. We have to give them some room to be stressed out if they have to be, because that’s how it works. And let’s face it, this couple has been under the divorce-microscope ever since their wedding. But since we’re fans here, we’ll look at them a different way: with understanding and compassion. ‘Cause they’re sure not getting it from the press (or those babies, ha)!

Hopefully the renovations will be done soon and the family can be back in their home, and they’ll fall into a comfortable groove with parenting twins. They probably already have. In the meantime, I hope they’re not afraid to put the babies down in their cribs and go scream into a pillow if necessary. No judgment from here!


  1. Yes, I agree. And she does hark back me so much of Princess Grace as well who was indeed one of the most elgneat, attractive, fantastic and gifted princesses of all time. Just such a shame her time was shortened so dreadfully.

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