March 17, 2015

Irish Princesses of Monaco

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all! Assuming that you’re celebrating in a dignified way – such as with green bagels at your local café – I am here to entertain you with some of Princess Charlene’s most memorable Irish-flavored moments in honor of her ancestry. Let’s not forget: Charlene is of Irish descent!

A couple years back, Irish genealogists from Eneclann came to the Princely Palace to give Charlene a Certificate of Irish Heritage and details about her ancestors, the Fagans of Feltrim. They made the special trip to Monaco to supply Charlene with details on her heritage, a family tree which reaches back at least 16 generations. (If you wish to read the entire story on the Fagans of Feltrim, you can find it here. It’s actually quite an interesting read!)

Charlene’s family roots are in Ireland, as were those of her late mother-in-law, Princess Grace. Monaco celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in honor of its princesses, lighting the Princely Palace in shades of green, so we shall do the same here today…only with fashion.

This is what Charlene wore at her first major public engagement in Monaco, the Red Cross Gala in 2006. Yikes. Even Charlene herself looks back on this and cringes, saying she looked like a Christmas tree. Apparently it was only after this appearance that HSH got seriously knowledgeable about fashion. Moving on!

In early October of 2011, Charlene and Albert welcomed Croatian President and his wife. Now THIS is more like it. I love this dress! Something about the material and the tiers makes it very unique and flattering, and the color is not a green you would expect. It’s got an underlying beige tint to it that I love, not unlike the textured color of natural clover. Which brings us to…

You all know I love this one. Let’s be real, green is a great color on Charlene. Her eyes.

This is a green dress. It took me years to accept that this is green and not black, though. I have to struggle very hard to see the green tint to it, but yes, it is actually a green Ralph Lauren gown. Many royal watchers out there absolutely love this, but I will take a bold risk and admit to you that I don’t. At all. Actually, I kind of hate it. The neckline and the sheen of the material just scream Disney sorceress to me. Her hair and makeup, though, are of course impeccable and dreamy.

Yes, yes, I know, this isn’t green. But Charlene wore this grey Akris gown during her tour of Ireland with Prince Albert, so it gets to be on here again. Half because it’s what she wore in Ireland, and half because I just love it so much. Work it!

And of course…

…I can’t leave you without a picture of Monaco’s first Irish princess, Grace. Perfection. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all, and to Monaco in celebration of its striking Irish princesses!

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