March 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to Princess Charlene’s Hubby, Prince Albert!

Today marks a special day for the Princely family of Monaco: Prince Albert’s 57th birthday!

While we royal watchers are unsure how Albert is celebrating today, we can certainly be sure that this past year has been one of Albert’s finest, at least as far as his family life is concerned: the first birthday with his baby twins. At 3 months old, they are probably getting into the cute phase of babyhood, where smiles are starting to emerge and gurgles are hopefully replacing blood-curdling screams. With that joyful notion in our heads, let’s look back at some of Albert’s most shining moments in his life.

1958: just born! Little baby Albert with his maman, Princess Grace. Sweet sweet sweet.

With his family in 1976. Man, that’s a good looking group. Those haircuts, though. It was definitely the 70s. (As we all silently thank God that decade is over, in the name of all that is holy and attractive.)

Coronation Day! In July of 2005, Prince Albert succeeded to the throne.

Announcing his engagement to Charlene in 2010. Looks like he has to prop her arm up due to that gigantic rock weighing down her hand. Holy carats.

The wedding, duh! And of course…

…those babies.

Just to throw this in for fun, too, this happened last week: the first fully solar-powered airplane took off for a flight around the world, and its control center is based in Monaco. Prince Albert gave the official green light and all systems were GO for the pilots. It’s certainly a pretty cool thing to do to mark your birthday, right?

Wishing a very happy birthday to Prince Albert! (Now go help Charlene with those babies!)


  1. Jane Barr says:

    Every time I think about the fact that Grace Kelly was his mother…star struck. :) Great post! Happy Birthday, Albert!

  2. Laura B. says:

    “…he has to prop her arm up…” LOL

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