March 5, 2015

Baptism Date Announced for the Royal Twins!

You all know how much I love some baby news – and today I’ve got some for you! As you may have heard, the baptism date for Gabriella and Jacques has been released, at long last. The event will take place on May 10th of this year at the Cathedral of Monaco.

It will be a private ceremony sans press coverage, but I’m assuming we will have some photos of the back-and-forth for the ceremony. While private, the ceremony will still be broadcast in Monaco, and I’m hoping that some lovely soul out there will share it online for the rest of the world, too.

My guess is that each baby will have a godmother and a godfather, presumably only one pair for each child as is customary for a Catholic baptism (as opposed to someone like Prince George, who had a handful of various godparents for his christening). It’s unlikely that we will know who the godparents will be until the ceremony; however, at least one godparent per child would have to be Catholic, so that narrows down the prospects a bit.

When Prince Albert was baptized (above photo!), his godparents were Prince Louis de Polignac and Queen Victoria-Eugénia of Spain. Given that there are two babies to work with here, we will probably see some family and some royalty sprinkled into the mix for the twins, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two non-Catholic godparents, perhaps from Charlene’s side of the family. Some possible choices would be Charlene’s brother, Gareth:

Or either of Albert’s sisters, Princess Caroline and Princess Stéphaine:

Or even Princess Caroline’s daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi:

Obviously, these are just some fun speculations and it will be interesting to see how on (or off) the mark I am here!

The babies will be a precious 5 months old at their baptism, which is actually on the older side for Catholic baptisms (or so I say, with clearly no conviction. I’m Catholic, and my own toddler has yet to be baptized! Procrastination is my weakness, so sue me). It makes sense that they waited a bit, though, for some milder weather and the passing of the Lenten season, which the Princely family is undoubtedly recognizing.

This isn’t anything that will break the internet, but it gets me excited to think that we’ll be seeing the babies again soon. Hopefully the press will get some exterior coverage, and at the very least, we can hope for some lovely portraits of the family to mark the occasion. Best case scenario would be that we get a video of the ceremony, so cross your fingers and toes and I’ll see you all again soon!

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