February 20, 2015

Charlene Goes Sparkly Chic for Cocktail Reception

Last night, the Princess Charlene Foundation held a cocktail party at Monte Carlo to celebrate the birth of the new twins. It’s two months postpartum, which we can interpret in one of two ways: either they’re horribly tardy in their celebration, or they’re quite thoughtful of the new mom’s need for a little space between birth and sipping champagne. I’ll opt for saying that they’re thoughtful – at least giving Charlene a couple months would ensure her participation in the reception. (NB: all photos here are care of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation Facebook page. Sorry for the poor resolution here – click on the photos to see them larger and much clearer!)

char and albert lead photo

Charlene looked ahhhh-mazing and so elegant in a bateau-neck, sparkly top, loose black slacks, and of course, black pumps to match.

Something about the way she carries off black is frighteningly magical to me. It is such a great color on her. Others can’t help but look engulfed by the shade; with Charlene, she calls the shots and tells it who’s boss. Last night she looked chic, elegant, and regal.

And once again, I swoon at her makeup and hair. There’s something to be said about balance when it comes to makeup, and Charlene matched her smoky eye to a nude lip – a wise move when one is aiming for a finished, elegant look. As for her hair, the coloring and volume looks impeccable, and it’s still bang-free, which you know makes me a happy gal.

Given all of the above, I’d say last night’s ensemble and event was a total win.

As we discussed in this post on the Princess Charlene Foundation, it’s understandable that the proceeds from this event will go to the Foundation’s swimming and water safety programs. It’s delightful that Charlene was able to attend and celebrate both her children and her Foundation in one fell swoop – a win-win to be sure!


  1. This is a simple outfit. Yet, HSH makes it look so elegant.

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Yes, very simple and elegant all at once. Totally agreed, Nikki! Thanks for your thoughts!

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