February 2, 2015

Predictions and Daydreams: Couture Edition

It’s snowing here in New York. A LOT. And it’s cold. And given that my house is over a hundred years old, it’s cold inside too. The only things keeping me warm are strong cups of coffee (I’d hook up an IV if I could), a very fuzzy blanket, and the warmth emanating from my computer as it pumps Paris Fashion Week’s best shows to me. Add fashion shows to that IV and I’m a happy girl.

The haute couture shows in Paris this year were glorious. Star-studded, too, though with the obvious exception of Princess Charlene. One dear reader, Laura, suggested that I sit in for Charlene this year, and trust me, I would have if so many celebs hadn’t beaten me to it. Sigh. It’s my belief that Charlene would have loved the couture lines this year, and I think we will see some bespoke versions on her in the coming year, if not the straight-up originals. Here’s a little recap of a few of the designers and what they presented this year, so we can make predictions.


Charlene has worn Dior in the past several times, with much success. Charlene is one of those beings who is able to wear couture without pause, and without the threat of looking ridiculous. She roams the earth with a fashion confidence that knocks me over. She’s one of the few who can pick pieces right off the runway and wear them, looking perfectly lovely and calm:

Dior had a stunning show this year, surprising every viewer by making the models walk flights of stairs in order to show the clothes. A bold move for a bold line, to be sure.

The silhouettes were meant to echo various past decades of fashion, and naturally I found myself gravitating toward the ultra-feminine 50s forms for my Charlene daydreams.

I say “daydreams,” because Charlene tends to stick to more fitted evening wear, and Dior showcased plenty of that too. The more realistic side of me can see her wearing some of those pieces, no doubt.

The above short dress, perhaps in a lighter color, could easily be seen on Charlene at an outdoor summer engagement.


Charlene famously chose Chanel for one of her most important, prominent appearances: when she and Prince Albert had their civil marriage ceremony in 2011. And of course she chose Chanel, the label embodies both gravity and femininity with perfection:

Oh, Chanel…Chanel…how you never go out of style. Naturally, the Chanel show was chock-full of the exquisite lines, tailoring, and high-quality fabrics that we have come to expect from Karl Lagerfeld.

While there was a presence of much more color than we’ve seen in the past, there was a good handful of more neutral, safe colors for Charlene.

I could easily see her wearing some bespoke versions of these dresses and suits, as they seem appropriate for both her style and the events she frequents.


Versace has always known how to dress Charlene, that’s for sure. She has an amazing figure, and she loves the fitted look that Versace does so well. She comes out looking like a goddess:

Charlene is normally a fixture at the Versace show, and after viewing this year’s collection, it’s easy to see why. These pieces are the ones she gravitates toward: form-fitted evening wear.

Some of the geometric cutouts from this year’s collection are a bit much – the kind you might see in Hollywood, but not on a Princess.

See what I mean? Kate Hudson, yes; Charlene, no.

But others, like the above white gown, are just slightly edgy, the kind of risk Charlene loves to take. There were some sparkly neutral dresses that seemed to scream Charlene, and I would love to see her wearing them:



It’s no secret that Charlene loves Armani – remember her wedding? Of course you do, two Armani gowns in one day! Charlene has also chosen Armani for several other events, knowing that it can serve well for sophisticated suits as well as evening gowns:

This suit might be one of my favorite Charlene fashion moments in history. I swoon.

This year, I wasn’t feeling like the patterned pieces (bamboo was the theme of this line) would fit into Charlene’s style, but the lines of the gowns were impeccable, and the separates were definitely some of the most elegant I’ve seen yet.

Some of the jackets and tops were magnificently tailored and chic, and a few of the gowns would look stunning on Charlene:

While I don’t see her reaching for the bamboo, I can definitely see her opting for some of the subtler, structured pieces that fit so well with her fashion identity.

Ok, now that you’re thoroughly teased by what I’ve shown you here, go online and watch the shows! Am I missing anything? Did I neglect a favorite designer of yours? Please let me know your thoughts and predictions – it will be fun to see if any of our guesses are spot-on this year!


  1. So many pretty outfits! So hard to choose a favorite. I do think HSH would look fabulous in so many of these!

  2. Katie Coble says:

    I know, Nikki, I totally agree – impossible to decide. Good thing we have a whole year to hopefully see her in all of them!

  3. She should wear more hats! That is one advanced hat, and she is RULING it.

  4. Katie Coble says:

    Amen to that, Laura. I couldn’t agree more!

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