January 25, 2015

Happy Birthday to Princess Charlene!

Hello dear readers! Today marks the 37th birthday of Princess Charlene. As a special day for Charlene and Albert, and indeed for their whole family and much of Monaco, one would expect nothing less than flutes of champagne and caviar hors d’oeuvres. As lovely as that sounds, we here must speculate that this particular birthday might be a bit more low-key – perhaps of the “lying on the couch and eating some cake” variety – due to the 6 week old babies that are undoubtedly screaming their precious little heads off in the background.

That being said, I’ll keep things low-key around here too, by reflecting on my favorite Charlene sightings of this past year. We’ll skip her fashion week appearances, though, since we’ve already seen those in a recent post (wink, wink).

At the end of March, Charlene attended the Rose Ball 2014 in Monte Carlo. The event aids the Princess Grace Foundation, and Charlene looked effortlessly glamorous. I actually have a love/hate relationship with this dress, though – the top is amazing, and the bottom is not great. Hence the head-shot. Hope you don’t mind! Google the full-length version if you’re curious.

About a month after the Rose Ball, Charlene jetted out to California for The Colleagues 26th Annual Spring Luncheon, held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. This is one of my all-time favorites on Charlene – something about the cut is very 40s to me, and the green color is great with her eyes. There’s something about that smile, too. The photos from this event all have the same glow to them. Ah! That must be it. She was in her first trimester with the twins here, so that might explain the glow (and the smile).

In June, Charlene and Albert re-opened the Princess Grace Rose Garden after it had been closed for 8 months for renovations. I didn’t really adore the dress so much, but it was just nice to see her at an event in honor of her late mother-in-law. I love seeing her splash the champagne on the roses, too.

Again in June, Charlene went to the opening of the Monaco Yacht Club. Once again, the ensemble was nice, but it didn’t wow me. I was more into her new hair style – it felt really retro-glamorous, and the close-up head shots were gorgeous.

There’s that glow again. In August, when Charlene’s pregnancy was really starting to show, she and Albert appeared at the 66th Monaco Red Cross Ball Gala. They attend almost every year, so it wasn’t a surprise to see them there. Her pregnancy really made this a stand-out appearance in comparison to past years, though: she was radiant. Who needs diamonds when you have skin like that?

And last, but definitely not least, would be Charlene’s appearance on the balcony on Monaco National Day (November 19th). Given the twins pregnancy, it is understandable that she was slowing down her public engagements at this point (I think this was her last one of 2014), but the Monégasque people were delighted when she made an appearance for National Day. It’s actually the sheer delight from her presence that made this appearance worth a mention. Her smile is infectious!

And those, my friends, were my favorite moments of 2014. I skipped over quite a few – feel free to call me out on it if you feel jilted that I missed one of your favorites! Let’s hope that Charlene’s 37th year will put this past one to shame. We do expect to see the royal family and hopefully Charlene for the feast day of Sainte Dévote on the 27th, so cross your fingers and check back soon. Happy birthday Charlene!

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