January 19, 2015

Paris Fashion Week

So I’m a few weeks ahead of myself here, but I get excited about fashion weeks whenever and wherever they happen. And since this space is French-flavored, today I will focus in on the Paris Fashion Week, with the Haute Couture shows scheduled to take place at the end of the month. I present you with photos from years past, where Charlene was large and in charge at the events.

Charlene has been a fixture at Paris Fashion Week for years. And for good reason: the lady knows fashion, and she has become a fashion icon many times over. I think it started well before she married Prince Albert, but increased exponentially since becoming the Princess of Monaco.

Honestly, it would be hard for Charlene to not be a fashion icon. Much like her British counterpart, Kate, she’s tall, she’s gorgeous, she’s famous, she has impeccable taste, and – sorry, I’m going to be really blunt here – she has money. I hate to be crass, but let’s face it, you absolutely need deep pockets in order to keep up with fashion. At least if you’re wearing the real stuff. She is, in essence, the ideal model for any of these designers to woo, and they all undoubtedly are itching to score her business – especially with its impending publicity when she wears their pieces publicly.

This year, though, I assume Charlene’s viewing of fashion week will be much like mine: enjoyed from the comfort of the couch, with a pint of ice cream and a large, large spoon, after having just put the kids to bed. It will be quite different from years past, when she sat front-and-center at the Paris shows, getting a first-hand glimpse of Versace and Dior perfection. To have the means to actually wear such designers is enviable, but to be placed in front of the collections in the designers’ attempt to seduce you – now that, my friends, is power.

If she does manage to make it to Paris for the shows this year, it will certainly be a well-deserved break from the baby juggling she’s doing back in Monaco. Moms across the world will be applauding the fact that she is getting a chance to indulge in something she loves while others mind the babies. I hope she does get a chance to go, but I would be surprised if she were ready to leave her little tykes for multiple days just yet. But maybe she’ll squeeze in a day’s worth, perhaps as a birthday treat to herself? Let’s hope.

For me, even if I haven’t the deep pockets I’d like to have, I still love a good fashion week. For a fashion-lover, there is something so magical about being able to view the most recent work of the world’s top designers all at once. It would be like getting to taste the cuisine of the world’s greatest chefs for a week straight: pure, indulgent heaven. Like royal watching, it’s a nice departure from daily life, a full-on dive into an other-worldly realm of beauty.

Once the Haute Couture shows in Paris are done, I might do a review of what was shown, and perhaps discuss the possibilities that we might see on HSH in the upcoming year. Until then, cross your fingers for a Charlene sighting and I’ll see you again on her birthday!


  1. I think you should go stand in for her if she can’t make it 😉

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Laura – LOL! Well, if they’re looking for a seat-filler…

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