January 7, 2015

Introducing: Gabriella & Jacques!

Finally, January 7th is here! All of us here have been waiting patiently for today, when Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II introduced the newest royals to their people. The Monégasque people cheered as the Princely couple appeared, some waving flags and others releasing red and white balloons into the air. I’ve heard that today was declared a holiday, so that one and all could gather under the balcony to greet the infants properly.

The Princely couple appeared on the balcony of the Palais Princier in Monaco around 11am today, each holding a very bundled-up infant. It is said that Charlene was snuggling Jacques while Albert held Gabriella, but truth be told, I don’t know how anyone could possibly know which baby is which. The pictures I’ve seen (and the ones I will show you here!) don’t seem to give any indication as to who’s who. But WHO cares! They’re both so cute and tiny and squishy!

The above picture is about the only one in which we can properly see one of the infants’ faces. Appearing on a balcony doesn’t quite give the photographers the option of being positioned above the couple (like when Prince George was born), but what can you do? At least this photo was snagged. Charlene and Albert both do seem quite taken by their new little ones, don’t they?

In addition to looking starry-eyed by the new Prince and Princess, let’s be real here: the couple looks tired. Not so tired they’re going to faint, but they seem to have that glaze, that certain je ne sais quoi that is so common behind the eyes of new parents. And anyone who’s done it with one newborn is probably foaming at the mouth over the idea of doing it with two. Now that’s a lot of work. (I remember looking at my husband at 2:30am one morning during the newborn stage, and saying “We are only having ONE child.”) But since they’re royalty, hopefully they have help!

Aside from the new humans on the balcony, I couldn’t help but notice that Charlene looked a bit different too: new bangs! What is the consensus here, love them or hate them? I am always so baffled at how Charlene looks good no matter how she does her hair, or what she wears. But for me, I’m not feeling the bangs. They’re nice, but she has a glorious face, and they seem to be a bit thick for her delicate features. As for her ensemble…

…I don’t love this photo, but I’m putting it in here just so you can see her whole outfit. Charlene chose an off-white, billowy pea coat and matching, high-necked sheath dress underneath, with beige gloves and boots. I had noticed the beige gloves on the balcony, but had no idea she would be wearing matching boots until I saw this full length shot. Très chic! I’ve got to say, it is impressive to pull off high leather boots at 4 weeks postpartum. I’d call this outfit a win just for that. I don’t personally love the exact color combinations – for me, the boots were a bit too dark for her skin and the coat – but as an ensemble, it was certainly appropriate for the event. I sort of wish she had cinched the coat closed for the walkabout, to make the whole outfit look more polished in the breeze. But these are minor issues – overall, I loved each element and thought she carried them off beautifully. Especially for having just given birth to twins!

Overall, what a lovely day for the twins to make their first public appearance. It was a joy to see the couple looking so happy, healthy, and proud of their children. Only 4 weeks old and already fulfilling royal engagements – I’d be proud of that too! Now let’s hope we get many more pictures the whole year through. Happy 2015, everyone!


  1. Oh the babies are so adorable! I think I like Charlene’s new bangs…but I think I’ll have to wait and see. At the moment they’re just kind of all right.

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Good point on the bangs, Nikki – we might have to see how they look with time. Haircuts take awhile to break in, like shoes. Thanks for reading! :)

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