December 30, 2014

The Princess Bride, Part 3: Finally, a Tiara!

After the wedding, which we have now discussed in excruciating detail, Princess Charlene and her Prince headed to the Opéra Garnier in Monaco for their wedding reception: a lavish dinner and ball, followed by grand fireworks to celebrate the nuptials. The couple certainly pulled out all the stops for the event, which was attended by several other royal guests, all adorned in white tie and tiaras. Champagne and diamonds all the way on that beautiful evening in early July…as opposed to those of us who live in the USA, who were at that same time prepping for our Independence Day festivities, full of beer, pretzels, and outdoor barbeque. Vive la différence!

But I digress! Monaco’s newest royal arrived that night sporting her first tiara, a rite of passage for all new princesses. Or at least it should be, in my opinion. How many people get to wear tiaras without looking ridiculous? Only actual princesses, that’s who.

This tiara was a gift to Charlene from her new hubby, and was designed for Charlene – with her input – by jeweler Lorenz Baumer. It is said that she wanted the tiara to reflect her love of the sea, like a wave crashing upon a rock. Now looking at it, it does seem reminiscent of that elusive sparkle of seafoam when it splashes onto the shore. If you are so inclined, check out this amazing video from Lorenz Baumer’s Youtube channel, in which Baumer showcases the intensive process of how this tiara was made (and this gives some great close-ups of the diamonds!):

The tiara has been aptly named the Diamond Foam Tiara, and it is clearly a modern design as far as tiaras go. While that it always a huge risk with something meant to stand the test of sartorial time, I think it makes me like Charlene even more that she would be so daring. But it only goes modern in terms of design; diamond-wise, make no mistake, it is ALL tiara: 60 carats, white gold, and extreme sparkle envy. The video certainly attests to that. People are really on the fence about this piece, though – mostly a love or hate reaction from royal watchers. Personally, I really like it, but I can see how others would have differing views. Where do you stand on this one?

Moving onto the dress…

Charlene chose another Armani gown for the reception, one that was just as stunning as the wedding gown but much more lightweight and airy for a hot July night. It consisted of a high, sheer neckline, cinched at the waist and flowing down into a layered, four tiered, floaty skirt. Like the wedding gown, it had very simple and elegant lines to it, while close-up it was full of detailed embellishments.

Compared to the other (stunningly beautiful) guests at the wedding, such as the above Princess Mathilde of Belgium and Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Charlene looked the most appropriate for the time of year: fresh and breezy. While other royal ladies seemed weighed down by yards heavier fabrics and layers – and much heavier tiaras – Charlene’s dress allowed her to wisp around with the delicacy of a fairy, the tiara leaving a glint of diamonds in its wake like honest-to-God fairy-dust.

In my opinion, this ensemble, moreso than the ceremony attire, really introduced her personality to the world: elegance to stand the test of time, yet modern and progressive enough to catapult the Princely family of Monaco into the next generation.

And for all the sweet tooth’s that are out there, this one’s for you. That is one giant, awesome wedding cake. I now invite you all to put the kids to bed, cut a slice of whatever cake you have in your fridge, pour a glass of chilled champagne (or whatever your poison may be), and share your thoughts below. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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