December 23, 2014

First Pics of the Twins!!!

Ok, so I can’t actually show these on the website yet, due to copyright issues. Argh! But if you have the power to click on links, I suggest you do so here, RIGHT NOW or ASAP in order to see the first pictures of Charlene’s adorable twins!

How much do I love these photos? They’re so cute! I really like the Christmas theme for the first formal shots of the newborns. I couldn’t help notice the red and white combo that seems to be ever-present in the photos: a subtle (or not so subtle) nod to Monaco’s flag? Perhaps. I guess it helps that those colors coordinate well with Christmas, ha!

The twins will be officially shown to the Monegasque people on January 7, 2015. Now *those* pics we’ll be able to post here, so be on the lookout. Until then, have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the linked photos!

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