December 16, 2014

Going Home?

Reports have been fluttering around the internet as of late, indicating that Princess Charlene and her babies are headed home from the hospital. Are they true or false? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’ll roll up my sleeves, put on my thinking cap and try to reason out this one. Let’s speculate, just for fun! I’m going to go with false: they’re not home just yet.

First of all, let’s get back to basics: this pregnancy/birth was centered around twins, which means several different things in terms of recovery, both for the children and for mom. In a singleton pregnancy, the gestation usually lasts around 40 weeks; however, with a twins pregnancy, the babies almost always arrive early (some docs in the US won’t let a twins mama go beyond 38 weeks before they induce labor and get the babes the heck outta there). Charlene gave birth at 38 weeks, according to a recent interview (read it here). Induction or no, they came early, bless their prompt little hearts.

Given the fact that 1) there are two babies in there, and 2) they are delivered early, twins are usually on the smaller side at birth. Many twins spend some additional days in the hospital to make sure that they’re healthy, thriving, and gaining weight steadily.

That being said, Charlene did carry the twins to 38 weeks, which is actually quite a lengthy gestation for twins. My guess would be that they were right as rain when they were born, and probably didn’t need extra time in the hospital at all. But since they were early and they were twins, it would be safe to assume that the docs wanted to keep an extra eye on them for another few days.

As for Charlene, it was reported that she had a Caesarean section instead of a natural birth, which would also indicate a different sort of recovery on her end. C-sections are no joke, that is major surgery. (I have one doctor friend who only once ever got close to passing out at work: it was the first time she witnessed a C-section.)  Charlene probably has spent enough time in the hospital at this point – after all, it has been almost a week – and she’s probably strong enough to go home. But she may decide to hang around the hospital until the twins are released – assuming she is able to do so, because hospitals can be funny about that sort of thing. But she’s the Princess, right? Can’t she tell them what to do?!

The best thing I’ve read thus far, though, has nothing to do with the hospital: Charlene is quoted in the above-linked interview as saying, “Every second with them is magical…I’m crazy in love with them.” So sweet. How much do you want to bet that her next thought was, Now if they would only just take a nap

Here’s wishing Charlene, Gabriella and Jacques a speedy and comfortable hospital stay – if they’re still there! – and a very welcome home whenever the time may be. (But we want to see those babies, so come on already!)

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