December 11, 2014

Two (Royal!) Babies for Monaco

Hello and welcome to this new site! I had planned on doing a big  introduction for you…but royal births always take precedence. Babies trump greetings. Let’s instead pretend we know each other already and celebrate the birth of Princess Charlene’s twins!

The Princely Palace of Monaco has joyfully announced that Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco was delivered of twins – a girl and a boy – via Caesarean section on the 10th of December, 2014. The children have been named Gabriella Thérèse Marie and Jacques Honoré Rainier. The children and their mother are said to be in very good health.

There were oodles of celebrations in Monaco, including cannons firing, boat horns sounding, and church bells ringing for a steady 15 minutes. How grand! Though I can’t help hoping that the noise didn’t interfere with the twins’ and Princess Charlene’s rest. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do if I heard cannons firing after having just given birth…no matter how sweet or well-intentioned the gesture may have been!

This is the first case of twins for The Princely Palace of Monaco in 700 years. Jacques will be the first in line to the Monegasque throne, in accordance with the Monegasque laws of primogeniture, which give preference to males with regards to royal succession. The children will be styled Hereditary Prince Jacques Honoré Rainier of Monaco, Marquis of Baux, and Princess Gabriella Thérèse Marie of Monaco, Countess of Carladès. Glorious names, and very full titles indeed. I believe that young Jacques also carries the title Crown Prince somewhere in there, but I am not sure where it would go. Anyone care to venture a guess?

Prince Albert II married Princess Charlene, who is originally Charlene Wittstock of South Africa, in July of 2011, in a widely celebrated wedding ceremony viewed by much of the world. The newborn twins are the first children for the couple, and have been highly anticipated since the announcement of Princess Charlene’s pregnancy last May.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene are expected to introduce their children to the people in the next day or so. Stay tuned – I will release more info as it comes in, including any photos of the babes that I can get my hands on!

And once again, WELCOME to this brand new blog! I’ll post an introduction in the next few days to give you a more formal welcome…but let’s hope we get some baby pictures before that time comes!

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